My Idea of Feminism!!

Feminism confuses me!! Truly!! The more I try to understand the theory the more it confuses me! Does feminism mean hating men? Does it mean doing away with marital bliss? Forgoing the joys of motherhood? Does it mean creating a new world with gender based halves? Will one half survive without the other?Can we not understand a simple equation that masculinity exists because of femininity and the vice-versa?  Recently I read an interview of the presidential candidate of the US,Hillary Clinton,where she stated,” Feminism doesn’t mean you have to separate out the world.So you`re not a part of ordinary life- that`s not what it means at all. It means that we believe that women have the same rights as the men,politically,culturally, socially,economically”.I find her views quite agreeable.

Feminism must not mean hatred for men.I understand feminism as a fight against the patriarchal system,which has been engraved in human mind for ages.Not only men, but women also feel obligated to adhere to the norms laid out by this system. It is true in most cases that men forcibly resist any change that challenges their power over women, but women too are highly reluctant and hesitate to come out of their shells. Most women are entirely ignorant of their rights and privileges. They  need to be persuaded and convinced that it is rightful of them to fight for their rights and they are entitled to all the freedom,rights and privileges that the men enjoy. Changing this patriarchal mindset is going to be a long, hard,and a brutal fight.There are various grave issues to deal with. Female feticide, female infanticides, eve teasing, prostitution, dowry, bride burning, domestic violence,acid attacks, rapes, wage discrimination,sexual harassment, and so on.The task seems herculean but not unattainable.So let us not beg for emancipation but strive for it..Let us pioneer the change that we want for ourselves.To bring about the change, we will have to bring about a revolution. A revolution to change mindsets. And for the beginning, and till the end,let us first strive to change ourselves. To know and believe that we can think for ourselves and that we have the power and freedom to make our own choices.To realize that we too are entitled to a life of freedom, dignity, love, caring and respect.Let us as women first also stop judging other women, for their choice of careers or clothes, marital status, domestic interests or capabilities etc.Let us from this moment itself, believe that we are capable and strong,and powerful to fight and win our own battle.


Women and strength

Freinds, assuming that you must have read my first blog where i emphasized on the qualities of a woman. Strength being the most prominent among all. I have always found women to be strong. Very strong. Women whom i have admired and adored and also women whom i have loathed. All have one one thing in common. An indomitable strength. The strength to endure, the strength to fight, the strength to dare and above all the strength to forgive.
There are scores ansd scores of women who have faced discrimination, violence, rapes acid attacks and what not. They have been through hell and have endured in silence. There are comparitively few but exceptional women who have fought back and won. Then there are women who have dared to break boundaries, taken centre stage,and acheived astounding success in various spheres of life. But still, most of the women throughout the world are helpless, oppressed,deprived, devoid of status,ignorant of their rights and privileges.Living aimless, purposeless, futile lives. Mere shadows of their own existence.
In the forthcoming posts I would like to delve deep into the issue and try to analyse how this issue can be addressed holistically and comprehensively. And yes, tips and suggestions and comments will be valued greatly!

Welcome to my first blog post

Welcome to my first blog post! Curious to know me? First and foremost I am a woman. Born with all the attributes that symbolize her. Her heart and soul,her thoughts and emotions, her strengths and vulnerabilities, her fears and weaknesses, her pride, honour grace and dignity. And her flaws and imperfections as well.
My friends, know me, I am a woman. And very proud to be one.