Women and Envy.

Women in general do not get along together. Much more than they care to admit. Why does envy and hate for own sisters cripple our mind to an extent that we lose the power to reason. Where does such hatred stem from and why? We have no answers. But hatred exists, and exists so profoundly that we fail to realize that we are ourselves destructing the well being of our own kind.

Women tend to bring down women. In homes, at work places, at social gatherings, almost everywhere. Victims of domestic abuse, sexual assaults and rapes are surprisingly, critically judged by women more than men. No woman in this world, deserves a kind of demeaning, horrific and gruesome experience like rape!

It is about time we realize, that a woman’s sartorial choices, her career preferences, marital or motherhood related decisions should be her own and she should not be judged on such grounds. It is a stigma, which haunts millions of women across the world and yet almost all of them are apprehensive about discussing their issues in the open for fear of being ridiculed or judged.

Understanding, helping, motivating and inspiring is what we need to be for each other. Solidarity, Unity is the answer to our misery. We will benefit if we stand by each other and not by bringing each other down. We need to be more confident of ourselves rather than being more insecure about some other woman being more prettier, more taller, more privileged, or more accomplished. Let’s stop clamouring for approval, and desperate attention and be at peace with our own identity. Let us realize that any woman’s success, beauty, intelligence or accomplishment is a matter of pride for womankind. Any successful woman, be it our colleagues, competitor or even an opponent, deserves our appreciation and acknowledgement and not our envy. We need to be proud of her, derive inspiration, rather than criticize.

Surprisingly though, when it comes to other women we are bitches in truest sense of the word. We may in general be most loyal, accommodating and giving to our partners, parents, children and even to our male counterparts. But, when it comes to supporting or appreciating women, we can be unabashedly cruel and insensitive. This hatred, is the root of our miseries. We will rise and prosper relentlessly, only if we unite. Strength will beget strength. Power will beget power. And will open a thousand doors to upliftment and prosperity. I implore all women, to set aside envy and hate. Stand by one another in solidarity and oneness. That would perhaps be our biggest tribute to womanhood.


Men will change if women change.

Our society as a whole, the world over is male dominated. There is nothing to debate on this. Even in countries which are comparitively liberated, women did not have liberty served to them on a platter. They had to fight hard and long. Nonetheless, their fight is still far from over. No country in this world can yet claim to be fully liberated in the context of gender equality. Many women though well educated, financially independent, exercise suffrage, yet suffer at the hands of their male counterparts at some or the other point in their life. Rape, domestic violence,wage discrimination, sexual assaults are still rampant in almost each part of the world. Though there seems to be no overnight solution to this problem, a prominent change can be brought about by extremely stringent laws and above all, active and bold contribution from women themselves.

What we need to do is, attempt to change mindsets. This change will come around when women even in the remotest corners of the world are apprised of their rights, domestic, social and political. When they are enlightened, that their status in society is at par with men. That they too have a right not only of education, work,property and suffrage. But the right to beleive in oneself, to have an identity of their own, to expore and acheive without being questioned, ridiculed, crticized or judged by anyone. That they can be themselves and need not surrender to social stigmas, stereotypical roles and male subjugation.

It is through this awakening,that we can bring about the holistic, paradigm shift we want the world to undergo.

The men will change once the woman decides that she is prepared to face all trials she will be put to. They will concede once they experience that the woman isn’t going to buckle anymore. This will be an uphill task no doubt, as men have been accustomed to supremacy, willfullness and tenacity for ages together. But woman will have to fight back, to triumph.

The reorientation should start at domestic level. We should aim at changing mindsets, at altering thought processes. Resort to legislative interference only in the face of criminal offences. This fight need not be a war. The challenges are manifold. But the answer is one. Each women needs to be more confident, more assertive and resolute. Not give up midway, to be supportive of each other and be persistant. The results may seem slow, and hard to come by. But when they do they will be profound and extensive. Beyond our imagination!

Women need to change their Role Models

Women are known to be soft, giving,caring,and compassionate.They are born with these virtues.Not only do they give birth, they nurture, care, give shape and meaning to lives on Earth. Can one imagine families, societies or even the world without them? Can their worth,their importance be underestimated? Their contributions to mankind be swept aside, disregarded, and shoved? The obvious answer is no! Then why is that we experience strong feelings of disdain and disregard from our male counterparts? Why are we subjugated,oppresed and, more often than not,deprived of even our most basic rights.

The answer is,our own attitude.It is because we accept the subjugation.We surrender to oppression.We fear to raise our voice, when we are denied our rights. Fear, reluctance, scepticism are such factors so deeply instilled in our conscience that we dare not question its relevance. We accept all insults, all disregard,as it was our destiny which cannot be amended. Does this need to continue? Do we want the future generations of young aspiring girls to also put up with this?If the answer is no, then it is time we do something about it. We need to change. Build our confidence,gather strength, follow our dreams and confront all obstructions with full ferocity. Women need not be submissive, to be called virtuous. A passive, laidback, complacent temparament isnt going to lead us anywhere. For ages together, women have accepted as being mere subordinates, throttled their dreams and aspirations, so that they get approval from their men, and also for being respectfully accepted by the society. But that has been far from acheived. To this day, woman struggle every single day, with abuse, impertinence, ruthless negligence, and deliquency. What are our short comings then? Where do we falter? The fault lies with our attitude. We need to realize that any life,that takes birth on this planet is entitled to dignity, love, care and affection. None should have to compensate for it by giving up one’s freedom,dignity or dreams.

We need to change our role models. To be inspired by women who dared to be candid and straightforward. Look up to resolute women who had the guts to chase their dreams against all odds. Needless to say, they must have suffered a lot. Faced humiliations, accusations, hardships,and challenges. But then, they accomplished their dreams! They proved their potential! They paved a way, and inspired the new generation! Each of them took womanhood a step forward!

Why should we not strive to be one among them?!! Why accept defeat even before the fight has begun! Why not give our dreams a chance?

Women, lets join hands! Let’s empower each other! And see to it that each of our dreams realize into reality.

My Idea of Feminism!!

Feminism confuses me!! Truly!! The more I try to understand the theory the more it confuses me! Does feminism mean hating men? Does it mean doing away with marital bliss? Forgoing the joys of motherhood? Does it mean creating a new world with gender based halves? Will one half survive without the other?Can we not understand a simple equation that masculinity exists because of femininity and the vice-versa?  Recently I read an interview of the presidential candidate of the US,Hillary Clinton,where she stated,” Feminism doesn’t mean you have to separate out the world.So you`re not a part of ordinary life- that`s not what it means at all. It means that we believe that women have the same rights as the men,politically,culturally, socially,economically”.I find her views quite agreeable.

Feminism must not mean hatred for men.I understand feminism as a fight against the patriarchal system,which has been engraved in human mind for ages.Not only men, but women also feel obligated to adhere to the norms laid out by this system. It is true in most cases that men forcibly resist any change that challenges their power over women, but women too are highly reluctant and hesitate to come out of their shells. Most women are entirely ignorant of their rights and privileges. They  need to be persuaded and convinced that it is rightful of them to fight for their rights and they are entitled to all the freedom,rights and privileges that the men enjoy. Changing this patriarchal mindset is going to be a long, hard,and a brutal fight.There are various grave issues to deal with. Female feticide, female infanticides, eve teasing, prostitution, dowry, bride burning, domestic violence,acid attacks, rapes, wage discrimination,sexual harassment, and so on.The task seems herculean but not unattainable.So let us not beg for emancipation but strive for it..Let us pioneer the change that we want for ourselves.To bring about the change, we will have to bring about a revolution. A revolution to change mindsets. And for the beginning, and till the end,let us first strive to change ourselves. To know and believe that we can think for ourselves and that we have the power and freedom to make our own choices.To realize that we too are entitled to a life of freedom, dignity, love, caring and respect.Let us as women first also stop judging other women, for their choice of careers or clothes, marital status, domestic interests or capabilities etc.Let us from this moment itself, believe that we are capable and strong,and powerful to fight and win our own battle.

Women and strength

Freinds, assuming that you must have read my first blog where i emphasized on the qualities of a woman. Strength being the most prominent among all. I have always found women to be strong. Very strong. Women whom i have admired and adored and also women whom i have loathed. All have one one thing in common. An indomitable strength. The strength to endure, the strength to fight, the strength to dare and above all the strength to forgive.
There are scores ansd scores of women who have faced discrimination, violence, rapes acid attacks and what not. They have been through hell and have endured in silence. There are comparitively few but exceptional women who have fought back and won. Then there are women who have dared to break boundaries, taken centre stage,and acheived astounding success in various spheres of life. But still, most of the women throughout the world are helpless, oppressed,deprived, devoid of status,ignorant of their rights and privileges.Living aimless, purposeless, futile lives. Mere shadows of their own existence.
In the forthcoming posts I would like to delve deep into the issue and try to analyse how this issue can be addressed holistically and comprehensively. And yes, tips and suggestions and comments will be valued greatly!

Welcome to my first blog post

Welcome to my first blog post! Curious to know me? First and foremost I am a woman. Born with all the attributes that symbolize her. Her heart and soul,her thoughts and emotions, her strengths and vulnerabilities, her fears and weaknesses, her pride, honour grace and dignity. And her flaws and imperfections as well.
My friends, know me, I am a woman. And very proud to be one.